CBD is not THC and CBD doesn’t need THC to work.

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Lets repeat the opening topic of this article – CBD will not get you high and CBD is its own plant compound that does not need THC to activate or otherwise make it a substance that works in your body.

While the dispensaries and cannabis industry may want you to think otherwise if you are buying 1 to 1 CBD to THC combinations you are completely missing the benefits of CBD. If you are buying in a dispensary a 20 to 1 or higher CBD to THC formulation then you are basically buying CBD with a trace amount of THC which is sold for a lot less in a store like ours. If you want to pay outrageous taxes and get products that are made with cannabis then go for it but why would you want to spend money that you didn’t have to when you can shop in a CBD specialty store and buy products at a normal tax rate and that are in most cases stronger and probably more inline with what you need than what a dispensary is selling you.

Lets look at the facts – Vitamin C doesn’t need the orange to be an effective vitamin does it? You don’t need to lay in the sun to get vitamin D do you, taking a supplement for it works pretty well. So why are there so many wise tails out there saying you need a little bit of THC for CBD to work? I will help you understand this and why it is a wise tail, because the cannabis industry wants you to believe that you still need to buy their products and get high for CBD to be effective. One more little tidbit of knowledge before we adventure into this article a little deeper. The only FDA approved drug on the market that uses CBD, I repeat the ONLY FDA APPROVED DRUG ON THE MARKET THE USES CBD is made with CBD isolate. (What is CBD Isolate? It is the isolated CBD molecule nothing else) This product is called Epidiolex, now Epidiolex is a shining example of what CBD can do for folks. Epidiolex was made and approved to treat Seizures.

“EPIDIOLEX is the first and only FDA-approved prescription CBD used to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome in patients 2 years of age and older.”

So folks if you want to get High then CBD might not be for you but if you want a function plant medicine that can help you through your day and life in a different way then CBD could be something for you.

While there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there I asked a couple of the brands we worked with for their takes on CBD and why THC Free options are great and why the misconceptions around CBD needing THC to be effective is rhetoric that is used often.

Kevin Choi – Founder of Hempbase says –

“The reason why we as a brand started with the purest isolated form of CBD was because we wanted to make sure that we created the safest and purest product for all. We wanted to make sure that individuals who undergo regular drug screening tests or had an adverse reaction to THC could feel comfortable using our products. We definitely wanted to create a comforting and safe place for first time CBD users to try and explore CBD products that are high quality and pure without the worries of THC being in any part of the product. 

Consumers may not fully understand the spectrum of cannabinoids and unfortunately, many of the brands and retailers selling cannabis derived products don’t either.Just like a rainbow, cannabinoids occur in a spectrum — like red and blue in the rainbow, both CBD and THC are elements of that cannabinoid spectrum.  While there is overlap in benefits (think “purple” in the rainbow), they exist independently of each other with their own therapeutic benefits.”

Justin Fernandes – Co-Founder of Common Ground CBD wrote –

“Despite the underwhelming amount of clinical research available on cannabinoids, there is substantial evidence that CBD does very little on its own (isolated). However, that does not mean that THC is needed for CBD to be effective, rather, CBD relies on the supporting phyto-chemicals and terpenes present in the hemp plant to maximize the sensitivity and receptiveness of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body.
If a consumer is not interested in the effects of THC on their body, they absolutely can still benefit from the remainder of the spectrum of cannabinoids (of which there are some 113+ classified cannabinoids) that are available in some, but not all “Broad Spectrum” hemp extract products. Like anything else, pay attention to the source and quality of the hemp extract product you are considering purchasing and know that a wide array of medicinal and therapeutic benefits can be achieved when high quality plants are used in formulations. Unfortunately there are many dispensaries, retailers and brands sowing seeds of doubt and misinformation in the minds of consumers. It’s my belief that this isn’t intentionally deceptive or nefarious, but rather a result of the “gold rush” associated with this industry. Do yourself a service and buy from a reputable brand sold by a knowledgeable retail partner.”

While we can go around in circles for days about the benefits of CBD and the benefits of CBD with trace amounts of THC in it. There is mounting evidence that CBD isolate,Broad and Full Spectrum CBD are very beneficial products to lots of people around the world. The idea behind this article is to inform consumers that buying 1 to 1 CBD to THC formulation are gonna get you high and the CBD is gonna be in our mind irrelevant, think of it like this drink a beer with no alcohol to every one beer that has alcohol in it. You are still gonna be drunk and whats the point of drinking alcohol free beer if you want to get drunk, or in this case high. The people that are looking for CBD are folks that don’t want to get high, need a functional product to help them through their day and struggle with THC alone making their anxiety or pain greater.

Whether you are smoking CBD or taking an edible, tincture or using it for your pet or on your skin for beauty or pain relief – CBD without THC is just as beneficial to you as CBD with THC, the only difference is you aren’t going to get high and you will be able to work, drive and function in a professional setting at a higher level while using CBD. CBD like other holistic health items isn’t for everyone, though unless you are talking to a professional and understanding how to us CBD you might be wasting your time. Also don’t be afraid of CBD, since what we sell isn’t going to get you high taking higher doses is perfectly okay as you won’t end up feeling overwhelmed by THC. Experiment with different products and give it some time, try more or less to figure out what is your correct dose.

Remember Infused, A CBD Marketplace is not a dispensary, we carry non-intoxicating cbd products. We can help you find what works best for you. We carry a large range of products that are all natural and organic, including smokeable cbd flower and cbd skin care items.

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